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    Dampness and water ingress in residential and commercial buildings.

    damp survey on a roof

    Think of the damp proofing industry in general and in your mind’s eye you may picture an operative in a high visibility vest injecting a damp proof course in a wall. 

    Dryabode Property Care are so much more than that. We deal with any issues whatsoever relating to ANY form of dampness and water ingress in residential and commercial buildings. 

    We take a holistic problem-solving approach and guarantee to solve ALL of the root causes relating to the issues concerned and identify ALL of the secondary damage issues involved. 

    Dampness and water ingress are rarely caused by one singular source and the quality and thoroughness of the initial survey cannot be over-emphasized. 

    Over the years, our clients tell us that some of the biggest challenges they face in solving problems relating to dampness and water ingress are:

    • Poor or limited diagnosis of the root cause and effects. 
    • Difficulty in finding an appropriate person / company to diagnose and rectify a problem.
    • Poor workmanship in rectifying building defects therefore failing to provide a long-term professional solution. 
    • Failure to identify all the root causes and effects causing a multitude of visits by unqualified inappropriate persons, excessive expenditure and inconvenience over a long period of time. 
    • Lack of genuine long-term guarantees and reluctance of normal trades persons or companies to re-attend and rectify building defects they may have failed or omitted to address.  

    Here at Dryabode, our mission is to address these concerns and provide a genuine customer focused service to our clients. We cannot over emphasise the importance we place on accurate and thorough diagnosis of building defects and subsequent quality control of the solutions we implement. We aim to be the ‘go-to’ company in the North west to solve building defects relating to dampness, water ingress and structural building defects. 

    Our company ethos is: Get it right first time. It is far less expensive and more convenient in the long run for our clients and has sound commercial underpinnings for us as a company.

    We also believe in solving building defects at an early stage before they deteriorate causing expensive secondary damage so the message here is ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.We would be pleased to provide consultation in this regard. 

    We also understand that in general our clients have a budget to work to. Another part of our survey work and consultancy is to provide sound commercial advice relating to how and why to prioritise certain works to provide the most benefit for the least outlay. That said, we also believe in providing ‘belt and braces’ thorough long term solutions where our clients demand it. 

    We also rectify the secondary problems brought about by unwanted dampness such as drying out of dampness in the building fabric, dewatering of flooded areas, timber decay, woodworm and black toxic mold. 

    Dampness and water ingress issues we deal with day-to-day may take any of the following forms:

    • Rising damp due to failed, bridged or absent damp proof courses. 
    • Hygroscopic salt contamination of wall, plaster and chimneys.
    • Damp transfer due to cavities blocked with debris. 
    • Condensation and black mold issues relating to health of occupants. 
    • Health problems brought about by other damp related secondary issues such as house mites, woodworm excretia (frass), spores from forms of fungal decay, elevated humidity levels and generally poor air quality. 
    • Damp / leaks caused by defects in external brickwork or rendering. 
    • Leaks from plumbing, waste, soil pipes or underground external drainage.
    • Leaks from failed or poorly designed rainwater goods (gutters, downspouts etc). 
    • Leaks via roof (pitched or flat), chimney or rainwater goods including lead lined gutters. 
    • Flooding of, or generally damp underground basements / cellars or sub floors under suspended timber floors.  
    • Failed existing damp proofing schemes or structural waterproofing of cellars. 
    • High water table issues causing dampness / water ingress into cellars and sub floors and generally causing elevated levels of dampness in the building fabric. 

    There are a multitude of other subjects we deal with daily too numerous to list here but feel free to call us with your concerns on 01772 650065 / 07946 669554. We are here to help and love a new challenge.