Here at Dryabode, we understand the stress and anxiety caused by the rapid and unexpected event of water and dampness entering our client’s homes.

Reducing time and disruption from start to completion

We also understand how Dryabode can greatly reduce such personal stress by intervening in a timely, professional and effective manner. Reducing the time from the initial call out to the return of your home to you in the least possible time is paramount to us.

Expertise – staff and equipment

Our staff including surveyors, site operatives and managers have the experience, expertise and technical equipment to make a professional detailed assessment and implement an effective rapid solution.

Commercial equipment

We have a wide range of commercial de-watering and drying equipment in our premises such as water pumps, dehumidifiers and air movers.

Forced drying techniques

We will specify and implement specialist forced drying techniques which will dry out your home, furnishings and belongings in the least possible time, which will keep disruption and cost to a minimum. We understand the implications of forced drying to the material components within your building structure and will design and specify an appropriate solution to prevent and reduce damage.

Long term leaks, drying and refurbishment

At Dryabode we also have a great depth of experience in dealing with long term leaks and dampness which have caused damage to the building components such as timber decay, woodworm infestation, dilapidation of plaster and decorations.

Your health

It is also well researched and documented that secondary effects such raised humidity, black mould and fungal spores, house mites and bacteria are likely to have some impact on the health of the occupants such as asthma and other breathing difficulties.

Survey to completion

Our initial survey is guaranteed to identify the source of the leak then design and implement a programme of works to solve the root cause and deal with any long term latent dampness trapped within the building structure. The refurbishment programme then follows including any long-term damp proofing required and reinstatement of the building fabric and finishes.

Long term guarantee

You will receive a robust 20 year guarantee that drying is complete and that dampness and any secondary effects will not return.

We are also accredited by a national insurer to provide insurance underwritten guarantees for your peace of mind.