Firestone roofingDRYabode – The benchmark ‘Firestone’ accredited contractor in the Preston area. Firestone rubber membrane roofing is a simple roofing system designed to last at least its 50 year guarantee period.

Rubber roofing only partially describes the material from which the covering is made. Its official title is EPDM which is an abbreviation for a long technical name describing the substances from which the membrane is made. Essentially this is a specifically designed technology product designed to provide long life, durability and resistance to the effects of the sun and weather.

It is installed with no seams in the membrane which can act as weak points many years later and there is no heat involved during the installation process. The system comes with black edge trimmings which give a very smart clean cut appearance against white uPVC facia boards.

Firestone roofing systems has a host of applications including:

  • Garages – Traditional and prefabricated.
  • Extensions
  • Bay windows
  • Sheds
  • Summer houses
  • Orangeries
  • Conservatories – Traditional flat roof construction

Firestone roofing systems have been manufactured for many years and have an impressive track record. We truly believe Firestone is the benchmark flat roofing system and has superseded the old technologies of traditional felt roofing which only has a life span of 10-15 years.

We have fully trained and qualified surveying, design and installation staff to assist our clients from survey to completion.

More often than not we are dealing with leaking flat roofs in a poor state of repair and as such frequently encounter damaged and decayed roof decking and structural joists.

We will not progress the job without dealing effectively with these structural issues. We often replace perished timber roof decking and sometimes roof joists with new in accordance with British Standards. We can provide professional advice regarding the best course of action to overcome structural problems.

We can also re-configure the fall of the roof and the installation of rainwater goods to ensure water is shed from the roof in the most efficient manner.

‘Firestone’- The future of flat roofing.