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    Are building defects to my home covered by NHBC warranty?

    Leak investigation and repair involving 12 year old house built by well known national company. Before and after images. The chimney ‘flaunching’ and pointing weathering the edges of the brickwork ornamental band courses are seemingly incomplete. These defects allow water to percolate through cracks in the ‘flaunching’ and exposed holes in the brick band courses.

    The solution was to clean and wire brush exposed surfaces, treat surfaces with a bonding agent and apply mortar pointing to the brick edges of an appropriate mix satisfying building regulations.

    The ‘flaunching’ on top of the chimney is comprised of concrete made with granite dust for strength and durability to retain its integrity in this very exposed position.

    Many reasonably new houses experience defects at roof level only discovered after the NHBC guarantee period has expired. Such defects can be brought on by exposed position, severe winter weather, poor workmanship and incorrect / inadequate specification and construction details. If your home is less than 10 years old and covered by NHBC guarantee (National House-Building Council) why not contact Dryabode and have us take a look. Make sure you are not caught out.