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    Dry and wet rot, woodworm infestation and structural defects. Damp and timber surveys, and roof chimney inspections.

    We have recently carried out numerous surveys recently involving inspection of structural timber in suspended timber floors and also roofs regarding dampness, water ingress, fungal decay and woodworm infestation.

    I would like to emphasize the importance of such surveys and how attention to detail and thoroughness is paramount in protecting your financial interests. Timber surveys under suspended timber floors and in lofts are often omitted or neglected for various reasons such as presence of floor coverings and belongings or access difficulties.

    At ‘Dryabode’ we do things properly, placing the interests of our clients first and foremost and in getting it right first time.

    Our clients have had various reasons for instructing us to carry out these surveys such as:

    • Home buyers or selling a house requiring reports for building societies
    • Home and business owners, assessment of condition, schedule of repair and cost
    • Insurance claims
    • Landlord and tenant disputes
    • Leak and building defect investigation in private and commercial property

    On the images shown, there are examples of fungal decay and wood worm infestation brought about by building defects such as:

    • Rising damp
    • Pipe and drain leaks
    • Water ingress via roof and walls
    • Condensation
    • Lack of sub floor and loft ventilation
    • External ground levels

    Building societies often ask for a damp and timber survey to be carried out before releasing monies for a house purchase and the timber survey can often be neglected or blatantly avoided. Consequently, timber defects can remain hidden and unless they are inspected thoroughly any issues will probably become worse over time reducing the life span and structural integrity of the floor and roof.

    In our experience it is usually better to detect such problems in the early stages and carry out a regular maintenance plan. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

    Dry rot can run through even the dry parts of a property causing significant financial devaluation and in these hidden areas there is sometimes a min set of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

    It is important that this type of survey is carried out by a suitably qualified surveyor holding the relevant qualifications such as CSRT (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment – Property Care Association).

    You may discover that in paying for a survey that it is carried out with far more thoroughness and attention to detail. Free surveys are often offered by contractors who will ultimately load the cost into a quotation to their own advantage. It is critical to note that this field of remedial work is very specialised and needs to be addressed appropriately.

    At Dryabode Property Care we will always begin the process with a thorough technical survey and commit our findings to a report which is transparent and easy to understand. Without it, an accurate diagnosis and therefore schedule of remedial works cannot be made. We place the interests of our clients first and foremost and our company ethos is about getting it right first time. In the long run you will be far better off in terms of inconvenience, disruption and financial position.

    15 Sept download 077

    Here we have an example of dry rot decay in a suspended timber floor due to a leaking drain gulley next to the house wall. We will replace the gulley, strip out and replace the worst affected parts of the suspended timber floor and carry out preventative remedial treatment measures.

    15 Sept download 050

    Interesting image showing the fruiting body (reddish brown) in the floor void seen in Image 1, of dry rot situated in the sub floor void under a suspended timber floor. This is established and responsible for puffing out spores which spread the infestation.

    HWR survey etc Aug 133

    This is a suspended timber floor which has been subject to heavy wood worm infestation due to the damp conditions in the surrounding walls and underneath the floor. Following our recommendations, our client asked us to completely remove the floor and upgrade the sub-floor ventilation. The powdery light dust on top of the infested joist is the excretia of wood worm known as ‘FRASS’.

    15 Sept download 203

    A recent pre-purchase survey which identified decayed structural suspended floor timbers due to damp sub floor conditions, high ground levels surrounding the property and insufficient sub floor ventilation. You may notice our images show pictures taken under the floor. This is because we have crawled under the floor to carry out our inspection and tested the floor timbers first hand! Yes, we get our hands dirty for the protection and benefit of our clients.

    15 Sept download 193

    Another recent floor condition survey on behalf of a landlord, which identified structural defects in a suspended timber floor and heavy woodworm infestation due to damp sub-floor conditions.

    HWR survey etc Aug 082

    We were instructed by a landlord to carry out an inspection of a roof which was leaking. We discovered water ingress at the ridge line where a previous roof repair had been carried out to a poor standard by a roofing contractor, allowing rain water to ingress into the roof space. A number of structural timbers are decayed and will require replacement along with repairs to the slate roof covering.

    At Dryabode Property Care Ltd. your interests come first.

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