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    Black mould ‘Aspergilus Niger’ on walls diagnosed as being caused by poor ventilation and inappropriate waterproofing methods installed by an unqualified and unaccredited contractor.

    David Kerry BSc CSRT CSSW ICIOB

    Damp, timber and structural waterproofing expert


    A short but interesting article appeared on the home page of online BBC news relating to black mould (Aspergilus Niger) forming in the home due to drying clothes indoors without appropriate and adequate ventilation:

    BBC NEWS 5th March 2016

    ‘Health warning over using radiators as clothes dryers’

    3 March 2016 Last updated at 14:36 GMT

    Medical experts in Manchester have warned about the health dangers posed by a common mould which is found in most homes.

    Aspergillosis spores can cause infections in people with existing lung problems.

    Scientists warn people could be unwittingly helping the mould thrive by drying clothes on radiators.

    The commentary includes information from the interviewee as follows:

    • That drying clothes indoors on a regular basis in significant quantity without adequate ventilation can instigate and exacerbate asthmatic and other breathing disorders.
    • The link between allergies and fungus is not well established in doctors minds.


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    Good quality ventilation (preferably humidity tracking automatically) will help greatly particularly in areas where most humidity is produced such as kitchens and bathrooms.


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    Black mould usually forms in areas where wall surface temperatures are relatively low compared to the rest of the room and air circulation is poor.



    It is a well established scientific fact that moulds can exacerbate asthmatic conditions which in extreme causes can lead to fatal consequences.

    Black mould will thrive in warm damp conditions as will dust termites both of which lead to breathing problems.

    It is essential therefore that dampness and ventilation are managed appropriately and root causes eliminated where possible.

    If anyone in your home suffers from breathing conditions, think damp and mould.  There are a multitude of sources of dampness in the home and it is essential you receive expert professional advice by a suitably qualified professional surveyor. Some forms of dampness can be managed and it could be easier than you think. Take a look at the dryabode website www.dryabode.com for some useful information.