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    Homebuyer damp and timber surveys and reports

    Dryabode Property Care Ltd. (Preston)

    Pre-purchase surveys and reports for home buyers for damp, timber and building defects.

    Preston, Leyland, Chorley, Blackburn and the Fylde.

    David Kerry BSc CSRT ICIOB


    Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments and investments most people will make in their lifetime.

    There can be many external pressures for the home buyer to purchase a particular property and it is our role at Dryabode Property Care to ensure that home buyers are fully aware of any future risk relating to building defects within your prospective purchase, particularly in relation to:

    • Dampness
    • Damp proof courses
    • Timber decay and infestation
    • Ventilation
    • Condensation
    • Thermal efficiency
    • Structural defects such as brickwork and lintels
    • Roofing
    • Flashings and lead work
    • Chimneys
    • Wall ties

    Defects such as these can be notoriously difficult to identify, diagnose and quantify the cost to put them right. It is essential that you aware of any potential financial liabilities before you make the decision to make the purchase.

    In many cases our reports and cost estimates are used by home buyers to negotiate a reduction in the purchase price to ensure that the purchase price reflects the true value of the property. There may of course also be some inconvenience and disruption in bringing a property up to a good serviceable standard which you may wish the vendor to take into consideration.

    As well as providing surveys, reports and we also have a separate contracting side which deals only with building defects such as those mentioned above. Our strength is that we diagnose and rectify building defects on a daily basis and have practical in-depth knowledge of how buildings of all types and age are constructed, how they fail and the measures required to effect professional repairs in accordance with relevant regulations and codes of best practice.

    Our pre-purchase surveys and reports are not to be confused with a contractor’s quotation. Your interests will be placed first and foremost, our reports will stand legal scrutiny and we have professional indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.

    Our surveyor who is also the proprietor, David, is an experienced degree qualified quantity surveyor with diverse experience in construction, particularly in relation to renovation and refurbishment. David is a CSRT qualified specialist damp and timber expert with the Property Care association and incorporate member of the Chartered Institute of Building.

    We use an array of technical equipment including advanced electronic invasive moisture detection, thermal imaging and optical cavity inspection equipment.

    During our survey, we can carry out invasive techniques with the appropriate permissions such as obtaining material samples such as plaster, brickwork and decayed timber which are analysed in the laboratory to reinforce evidence in relation to dampness and timber infestation.

    We are adept in the processes of seizure of samples and continuity of administration required to ensure that the results stand up to legal scrutiny and that ultimately your interests are protected.

    We are pleased to offer a consultancy service during the process of the survey and production of our report in order to provide you with a complete understanding of your purchase in relation to building defects, repair works, risk and costs.

    Dryabode Property Care provides services which protect the interests of the home buyer, from initial survey to completion of repair works.

    Call David for a free consultation on 01772 650065 or 07946 669554.

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