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    Roof and Chimney Repair Chorley

    Dryabode Preston Leyland and Chorley. Building contractors. Renovation and refurbishment. Specialists in damp control, water ingress roofing and structural repairs. This week we have been in the process of completing roof and chimney repairs on an old property in Chorley. The property had suffered water ingress for a number of years causing secondary damage. We carried out a technical survey of the roof and chimney and compiled a schedule of repairs which was approved by the clients and Chorley Borough Council building control. The Chimneys were four metres high and unstable. We rebuilt the tops of the chimneys, installed new weather resistant chimney pots with structural supports, granite concrete flaunching and ground out the perished pointing 40mm deep. The joints were re-pointed by injecting mortar deep into the joints, stabilising the two chimney structures. The lead flashings were replaced with new and weather sealed with a high specification external sealant.

    Works to the roof included re-bedding and pointing the ridge and hip tiles, rebuilding parts of the slate roof isolated areas, the valley and pike correctly, some of which had previously been repaired incorrectly by another unknown individual, We also replaced a large number of defective slates with hand selected quality assured reclaimed slates to match the existing. The existing lead straps from previous repairs were replaced with secure colour matched plastic slate straps for long life and to improve the look of the roof.

    Dryabode specialise in providing solutions to damp, condensation, water pipe leaks and water ingress issues in domestic and commercial property.