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    Woodworm and decay (dry rot and wet rot) in timber

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    Woodworm and decay (dry rot and wet rot) in timber

    Article by David Kerry BSc CSRT ICIOB (Damp and timber expert)

    Dryabode Property Care do not just deal with damp and water ingress issues, we are also experts in the diagnosis and correction of building defects relating to timber such as decay and woodworm.

    During a recent survey, dampness and woodworm (Common furniture beetle) were discovered in timber joists and floor boards in a lounge suspended over a cellar. The ends of the structural floor joists were resting on damp walls and had themselves also become damp at the ends leaving them vulnerable to decay and insect attack.

    A detailed schedule of works and method statement were produced and health and safety issues taken into account.

    Our intervention was timely as when we pulled back the carpet a hole was discovered in the floor boards with the cellar below. When tested, other floor boards were so weak they could be knocked through with a light tap of a hammer!

    Due to budget considerations a further detailed survey was carried out to assess which boards could be treated and which ones had to be replaced.

    The worst affected floor boards were identified, cut out and replaced with new, and those which were structurally sound were treated with a specified insecticide, together with the new boards as a precautionary measure.

    The joist ends will be jacked up and isolated from the damp walls by insertion of plastic damp proof course and allowed to dry out naturally. A fungicidal paste will also be applied to the joist ends.

    Dryabode Property Care strongly support and encourage ethical professional practices such as accurate defect diagnosis and provision of appropriate and proportionate remedial measures for the benefit of our clients.